While growing up, most kids who played sports competitively dreamed of playing on a collegial and even professional level. A majority, if not all of Radford University’s Women’s Basketball team have been shooting hoops for at least 10 years. “When I started out playing basketball, college basketball was the furthest thing from my mind. It […]

As a Radford student, alum, faculty member, or citizen we know that we have incredible D1 athletics teams, such as our soccer and basketball teams. But not everyone knows a lot about our softball team, which is currently ranked fourth in the Big South’s yearly standings. Our softball team is very close with one another; […]

Radford Athletics has used the event, “Highlander Hysteria” for the past three years as midnight madness to kick off the men and women’s basketball seasons. Since Hysteria took place around Halloween, they encouraged Radford students and kids to come to the event dressed in their costumes. The event was open to all Highlander fans for […]

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Physician Communication in the Operating Room: Expanding Application of Face Negotiation Theory to the Health Communication Context Abstract Using the Face-Negotiation Theory in respect to operating rooms, the purpose of this study was to apply face concern, conflict-management, and self-construal to the communication between operating-room physicians. The main premise of FNT is how intercultural frameworks […]

Using Symbolic Convergence Theory to Discern and Segment Motives for Enrolling in Professional Master’s Degree Programs Abstract Using Ernest Bormann’s Symbolic Convergence Theory, the purpose of this study was to identify the fantasy types involved in student decisions to enroll in a professional master’s degree program in the investigating university. The main premise of this […]


A Critical Analysis of Cultivation Theory Abstract Using George Gerbner’s Cultivation Theory, the purpose of this study was to test whether or not the content of things shown on television affect the viewer’s social reality and fears. There are three premises within Cultivation theory: Institutional Process Analysis, Message System Analysis, and Cultivation Analysis. By applying […]

Check out this news package I did for my Electronic News Gathering class!  

A New Horizon for a Classic Perspective: Facebook and Expectancy Violations Theory Abstract Using the Expectancy Violations Theory in respect to online relationships, the purpose of this study was to test Facebook as a means of communication and whether its users establish a sequence of social norms in their expectations when they go online. There […]