Attempted Bank Robbery

Suspect David C. Jefferson, 37, was seen in a possible attempted robbery yesterday at the Union Credit 1 building by Tamoon undercover policeman, Elliot Mess.

Around about 11:44 a.m. the suspect left his Chevy Caprice Classic Wagon and walked toward the building. Officer Mess walked up to suspect and said, “Excuse me…” The suspect then turned around, opened a flower delivery type box and took out a sawed-off shotgun. In response, Mess took out his service automatic from his holster as a defense.

Jefferson then began to load his gun and raised it in the direction of Mess. Mess “fired two shots at the suspect,” said Mess. The suspect’s wounds show that he was hit twice, once in his left shoulder, once in the right thigh, according to the Tamoon P.D. report.

Mess arrested the suspect and then called Tamoon PD dispatch that then contacted Chucktown PD for assistance. After the call, Mess read the suspect his Miranda rights.

Supervisor at Chucktown Water Treatment Plant, Jeff Naggler, 24, told reporters that he saw the suspected robbery from across the street while he was eating lunch at Arby’s. Reporters also talked to two other people who were inside Arby’s during the event, and they said that they did not see anything even close to this occur.

Later that day, Chucktown officers and Emergency Medical Technicians approached the crime scene and treated and took the suspect to Mercy Hospital with a police escort. The suspect’s shotgun, wallet, car, and three 9 mm bullets from Mess’s gun were recovered from the sight.

Jefferson’s estranged wife said that they had been separated for several months prior to this event. She explained that Jefferson had in fact served time in jail for assaulting someone five or six years ago.

According to Tamoon PD records Mess was suspended for a week without pay 15 months ago for “inappropriate discharge of his firearm while on duty.” A police investigation said Mess fired two shots at a burglary suspect in Tamoon without regard for citizens who could have been hit.

Jefferson was charged with: Unlawful use of a firearm, assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a police officer and attempted murder, operating a motor vehicle with expired license tags and possession of 2.5 – 5 ounces Cannabis, according to the Tamoon PD report.

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