Stress Less at RU

Radford University held a stress buster event on Dec. 2 in McConnell Library from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the hopes of showing students how important it is to de-stress, especially before finals.

IMG_0572Many universities around the country have started these de-stress events before a hectic and sleep depriving occurrence, finals week. The institutions are using these stress busters in order to show students how important it is to maintain a healthy sleeping routine, while also studying and preparing for tests.

Students at Radford University were encouraged to partake in the stress less event, which included complimentary chair massages, board games, crafting buttons, making scarves, playing with sand, and pet therapy.

Freshman Jamie Goeller talks about why she thinks pet therapy is becoming a popular stress buster section in college de-stress events. “Nobody is stressed out when they’re around pets,” said Goeller.


The sandbox station in McConnell Library

“A lot of people come to the library to study I’m guessing, so they know that if you need to have—or if you need to take a break or something it’s always available to just out here. I know last year I was here every day at the library so it was really helpful to come outside and take a breather,” said Sophomore Nicole Collantes, who was then playing with the sand in the sandbox, taking a break from studying in between class.

College students nowadays are known to do all night studying and cram sessions in order to complete tasks and prepare for their classes, and not their seven to eight hour recommended sleep durations. “For finals last year I probably studied maybe five hours a day, for like two weeks before, and then like 10 hours a night during finals week,” said Collantes.

This event became popular by the end of the night, continuously having groups of scholars stop on their way to study and take a break and relax. Stress busters could possibly become more of an annual occurrence, and maybe be planned before mid-semester and final exam weeks, from the success it has had.

Some consequences that result in sleep deprivation for college students are cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, chronic health problems, bad academic performance, and feelings of isolation, according to Huffington Post.

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