Peer Anecdote

The crowd was cheering. The sun was shining over the Appalachian State University lacrosse field. The lacrosse ball was being tossed back and forth up and down the field. Other teams watched as this tournament game took place, waiting for time to pass so they could play next.

Laura Dannemiller got the ball. She cradled it as she zoomed down the field towards the goal. She saw an opening and went for it.


Dannemiller screamed and hugged her teammate after scoring her first collegiate goal against Wake Forest. “I felt like I could accomplish anything,” she said. Even though the girls Radford Lacrosse team lost to Wake Forest 5-4, it was a great way to kick off the season for her.

“As soon as I scored, I ran off the field and gave my coach a high-five,” Dannemiller explained. When she was on the sidelines, Dannemiller quickly texted her family and told them how she finally scored a goal after being on the team for four years.

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