Hannah Thomas Profile

As a transfer athlete, one would think that it is not likely to see your old team, more or less play against it with your new one. She had the privilege of doing just this, except this wasn’t any usual game. This was a tournament game that led to the championships for Radford’s Women’s soccer team.

She looked around the field. Taking in every second, she takes in a deep breath and scans the field and bleachers behind it. She watches, as her teammates get ready to walk across Cupp Stadium to the bleachers where they place their backpacks and water bottles. She gets in line with her teammates and coaches underneath the stadium as they countdown the minutes before they can go on the field.

She walks across the field, puts her stuff down, and runs to the center of the field where she and her starting teammates get introduced to the audience. She is so pumped to play that she feels her heart beat a little faster than normal. She is in awe as she sees the stadium packed with fans, families, friends and Radford students. Hannah Thomas smiles, as she gets ready to play the sport she loves.

Born in Fairfax, Virginia and raised in Springfield, Virginia, Thomas is a junior at Radford University majoring in business management. She says that she has no time for a job with soccer season going on each year but wishes she could be able to have one. Thomas attended Bishop Ireton High School, a private school in Washington, DC, and played on Bishop Ireton’s Varsity soccer team while she attended the school. Thomas also has an older sister, Madeline Thomas, a senior distance runner and captain for the Radford Cross Country team.

After playing the sport for 16 years, Thomas’ skills have most certainly advanced into the starting 5 feet 10 inches midfielder we see on the Highlander’s field today. “It’s so much fun being with a group of people who have one goal which is to work hard to accomplish the most we can in one season,” she says, while reflecting on playing collegiate soccer for Radford University.

Photo provided by Radford Athletics

On Nov. 11, 2013 Radford’s Women’s Soccer Team took part in the Big South Conference Tournament, which was held at Cupp Stadium. “We were the #1 seat so we got to host at home and ironically the team I left [Charleston Southern University] was the team we played,” said Thomas. “I was nervous for the game but I had a lot of confidence in my team that we were gonna get it done.”

Radford’s Women’s Soccer team played the Charleston Southern University’s Women’s Soccer team in the first rounds of the tournament, and beat them 2-0. “It was a great example of how our team was so tight knit and we all accomplished one of the many goals we set out for that season.” Winning the game against Charleston Southern University was just what Thomas and the team needed to kick off the tournament in confidence of placing first in the conference. “It was a pretty chilling feeling,” said Thomas, who even got to hold the trophy with her teammates after winning the championship, ending their season with a bang.

Photo provided by Radford Athletics

During her high school career, Thomas was on Bishop Ireton’s Varsity Women’s Soccer team all four years. Thomas was a starter, playing defensive midfield and center back. “Midfield is my favorite position cause I can be creative with the ball in the midfield,” Thomas stated.

Her dad, Andrew Thomas, was the teams’ coach up until Thomas’ senior year. “I loved having my dad as my coach. He’s my number one fan and I love knowing he’s watching all my games.” Even though she never got any pep talks from her father, Thomas said, “I could always hear his voice on the field while I played.” Her high school team ended with nine wins, five losses, and three ties in the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference league.

After completing her undergraduate studies at Radford in the spring of 2016, Thomas wants to go into commercial real estate and wishes to make a good living. “I would either like to live in South Carolina or in the DC area,” said Thomas.


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