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Grace College Story

Study: Students Paying Price for Lack of Banking Knowledge

Education and Workforce Committee Hearing

Check out this story I wrote while working at Diverse: Issues in Higher Education!  

Montana State University Grant Story

Check out this story I did while working as an intern at Diverse: Issues in Higher Education!

SUNY Announced 3 Black Presidents

Check out this story I wrote while interning at Diverse: Issues in Higher Education!

Ivy Preko Profile

“Make sure your stitching’s are correct!” Her instructor said as he was walking around the room to check on everyone’s work. She was smiling from ear to ear, as she was almost done designing a gray cotton ribbed knit sweater that resembled something you’d see in stores. She’d loved everything about Fashion Design ever since […]

Radford Softball

As a Radford student, alum, faculty member, or citizen we know that we have incredible D1 athletics teams, such as our soccer and basketball teams. But not everyone knows a lot about our softball team, which is currently ranked fourth in the Big South’s yearly standings. Our softball team is very close with one another; […]

Profile Piece on RU’s College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences Page

Cultivation Theory Abstract

A Critical Analysis of Cultivation Theory Abstract Using George Gerbner’s Cultivation Theory, the purpose of this study was to test whether or not the content of things shown on television affect the viewer’s social reality and fears. There are three premises within Cultivation theory: Institutional Process Analysis, Message System Analysis, and Cultivation Analysis. By applying […]

Professors Ban Technology News Package

Check out this news package I did for my Electronic News Gathering class!