Video (Arranged in order from freshman to senior year level of experience)

A package looking at what students think about Radford Greek Life and Student Activities on campus.

A news story on a controversial display of religion on Radford’s campus. I wrote the script, conducted interviews, did the voice over, and helped edit the piece as a staff member for Radford On Camera (ROC-TV).

A quick summary of Radford University’s Fall 2015 Club Fair. I wrote the script and did the voice over as a staff member of Radford On Camera (ROC-TV).

A news package on the issue of food insecurity on college campuses.

RU In Focus: Episode 2. A newscast put on by Radford On Camera.


An audio package on how some Radford University professors feel regarding the usage of laptops and cell phones during class, published on SoundCloud.

A quick practice of being the anchor of an audio news package, published on SoundCloud.

Soundbites from interviews regarding the importance of young people voting in all elections compiled together, published on SoundCloud.