Taste The Feeling

Storytime! A couple weeks ago I was hired to work with Coca-Cola as a Campus Ambassador intern for Radford University. Basically, I promote and hold sampling events and try and advertise Coke products and cool campaigns they’re doing, and talk to students about stuff they don’t already know about Coca-Cola. Last week I spent three days at Coke Headquarters and the World of Coca-Cola, learning about the company and how to effectively hold events on campus that I know students and faculty will enjoy (and actually show up to).

It was a long journey getting to Atlanta, however. My 6:10 a.m. flight ended up being canceled and I couldn’t get another flight on the same airline until that following afternoon (thanks, SouthWest). Shoutout to my new friend Ruby, one of the Campus Ambassadors for Virginia Tech, who I ended up meeting at the exact time we found out our flight was delayed and helped me stay sane while we found a flight on a different airline and waited for our next flight, eight hours later.

Once we finally got to Coke Headquarters in “Hotlanta”, I was mesmerized with all of the Coca-Cola products I saw before me. The place was amazing, with Coca-Cola advertisements everywhere you looked, and the workers there were so friendly. I was also very surprised at how welcoming the other 80 Campus Ambassadors around the country were when we arrived. I’ve had experience going to a new place for a certain program with 80+ people my age I’ve never met before (Shoutout to my NSLC friends who I still talk to on occasion), so I knew that all I had to do was engage in friendly conversations with people I was near and worked my way through, and I ended up meeting and getting to know some pretty awesome people.

I just want to take a moment and say how thankful I am to Coca-Cola for giving me the opportunity to represent my school and to meet 81 other college/university representative’s who were given the same honor as I. I’m sure I can speak for all of the ambassadors in that we’re very grateful for kind doings Coca-Cola gave us: the free goodies, the fact that they gave us each our own hotel rooms (which they didn’t have to do), and they booked a box office for us all at Turner Field to see the Atlanta Braves play. We all spent 20+ hours listening to presentations on all aspects of Coke, Coca-Cola commercials (and a scoop into commercials they haven’t even started filming!), and how to handle the FAQ’s Coke Ambassadors get when discussing their products.

For those who aren’t aware, Coca-Cola actually owns tons of beverages (SmartWater, Dasani, MinuteMaid, Fanta, Sprite, HonestTea, etc) and are passionate about making awesome products that don’t destroy our world in the process. For example, part of Coca-Cola’s mission when creating the drinks we all love, is to be water neutral. Water neutral means to return 100% of the water used in beverages and their production back to nature. Coca-Cola also is big on recycling and introduced PlantBottle packaging, which is the first completely recyclable PET plastic bottle made up to 30% plant-based materials (http://www.coca-colacompany.com/). Pretty awesome, right?

Something that Coca-Cola has recently introduced and will start advertising beginning as soon as next month (for select states in the U.S.), is a new variant of Coca-Cola called: “Coke Life”. If you’ve never heard of it before (which I’m assuming you haven’t. It hasn’t been released to many markets as of right now), this product has fewer calories than the original and is made with cane sugar and Stevia, instead of the artificial sweeteners but tastes the exact same as the original. Check out this commercial below which gives a brief summary of the product.

**For more information about Coca-Cola Life, check out this link http://www.coca-colacompany.com/brands/product-description#Coca-Cola Life.**

I am honestly so excited for this upcoming school year and can’t wait to bring more awareness of how cool The Coca-Cola Company is in the most creative and engaging ways possible and use the other clubs I’m involved with to help #OpenHappiness.



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