Greek Life v. Other Clubs and Org.’s (FROM SPRING 2015)

There has always been controversy over the topic of Greek Life versus involvement in other activities. People can argue for either, both or neither sides depending on their stance on the topic. Students have the option of joining athletic clubs or intramurals, academic clubs or fraternities, general fraternities or sororities, social media clubs, hobby-specific clubs, and even entertainment organizations that are provided through each college.

There are a lot of stereotypes when it comes to general sororities and fraternities that come from the media. Upcoming college freshmen watch movies, such as 21 and Over where three men go to fraternity parties. YouTube videos from the I’mSchmacked channel where they go to college campuses across the country and show the parties they have also influence how teens believe Greek Life to be.

General fraternities and sororities are so much more than the social aspect that most people believe them to be known for. Students involved in Greek Life learn how to conduct meetings, budget finances, run a small business by being a member of these organizations and also complete philanthropic community service.

“It [Being involved in Greek life] helps make it easier to talk to people like when you’re doing an interview for a new job or something like that,” said junior Chris Ewing.

Some even join Greek Life because they’re having a difficult time making friends on campus or just need a place that they can call ‘home’ while at school. “I’ve heard from some sorority women say I never have to worry about eating lunch alone because I always have a sister to sit with and eat lunch with,” said Assistant Director for Greek life, Robert Marias.

One thing that students involved in academic fraternities are allowed to do that students involved in general fraternities and sororities can’t be able to join as many academic fraternities as one wishes. Sophomore Graduate Cheryl Johnson is currently involved in six academic fraternities and enjoys it better than being in a general sorority.

“I was involved in a social sorority in my undergraduate years and didn’t really enjoy it. Being in an academic fraternity is a good resume builder and provides you with tons of connections,” said Johnson.

Some students just don’t have enough free time to commit to student activities. Freshman Stevie Siford doesn’t have a lot of free time outside of school because of her current job and when she does have free time she spends it with her friends. Everyone’s different and has different ideas of what extracurricular activities to take part in throughout college.





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