“Money Can’t Buy Happiness”

You know the saying, “money can’t buy happiness”? Why do people say that, when it’s completely false?

It’s been proven in several situations that money eventually leads to happiness.

Give a homeless person $5 and they’ll more than likely show some teeth along with a “thank you, God bless your soul.” Give a struggling single mom a check for $1000 and just watch, as she gets so merry that tears start showing. Give a five-year-old $1, and observe the child as they run to put it in their piggy bank or to the ice cream truck to get their favorite treat.

On the contrary, however, some aren’t as affected by money as others. Especially when you compare two different people’s family situations as they grew up.

Let me use my family for example.

My mother went through two divorces, moving from Maryland to Virginia, five houses (four all in the same area), and was so in debt that she almost declared bankruptcy.

Now this wasn’t her original state when I was growing up. After my mom’s second divorce in ’09, her ex-husband stole all her money, half of her belongings, and basically forced us to move out of our $1 million perfect home because he kept using his key to trespass and would steal our stuff (and hence began the home-hopping). We have now just gotten to the point where my mom is starting to pay off her debt. This couldn’t have started if neither my brother nor I had started making our own money once we both turned 16 (which we sometimes have to use to help support our family).

So yes, money buys us happiness.

On the other hand, let’s look at a different person’s household. Let’s call this person “Jeremy” (for disclosure this is an example family of a stereotypical high-class family. In no way did I base this on anyone I know). Jeremy grew up with both his mother and father still married, and both leading successful lives. Jeremy hasn’t had the need to get a job because his parents give him $100 weekly allowances. Jeremy has grown up in the same $1.5 million house he was born in and has a membership to the local country club, where he plays golf with his father every weekend. Money doesn’t buy happiness here. It only helps contain Jeremy and his family’s status.

Money doesn’t buy happiness here. It only helps contain Jeremy and his family’s status.

Everything that makes us happy has ultimately been the result of someone having money, and spending it.

Going to the gym. Owning your first car, your first house. Getting a new wardrobe. Buying the most popular game. Going to your favorite getaway vacation. Adopting your first pet.

Those things typically make us happy, right?

Sure the topic has been debated countless times. But honestly, would you be happier knowing you have money in the bank, or without it?


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