The Radford Pitches

We all know that we have to put our hearts and efforts into things in order to complete things to our fullest capabilities, and that is especially true for the Radford Pitches, RU’s a cappella club. They put their heart into their music and each other, and it shows.

“It’s awesome to work with a group of people that share the same passion as you! My favorite part of being in the pitches is when we randomly create mash-ups of songs. We just make it up as we go, and experiencing that creative energy is so much fun,” said sophomore Sanou Diallo.

Some of the Radford Pitches are voice majors, who help those who aren’t voice majors and give good tips on how to improve. Whenever someone in the group has a recital, you’ll be sure to see a few of the Pitches in the audience cheering them on.

“They [The Radford Pitches] are very supportive. There are times that someone needs help with school, or needs a ride or setting like that, and we are all there to help,’ said Vice President, junior Ben Sherman.

The Pitches was founded during the 2013 school year and has been becoming more and more popular amongst the students and faculty at Radford University. The A Cappella group practices every Tuesday and Thursday in the Covington Center for two hours and are run by music director Jonathan Stoots. However, it doesn’t always feel like practice. It gets really fun and entertaining for the Pitches when they start adding choreography to the music and vocals, which gives all of the members of the Radford Pitches the opportunity to get even more creative with the songs they learn each semester.

“Part of the practice is meant to have more of a relaxed, hangout feel. Other parts are more for getting down to business so we are prepared for performances,” said Sherman.

Working hard does pay off for members of the group, as Diallo recalls her most favorite experience as a member of the Pitches from their concert last year, when they sang “Run to You” by the a cappella group, Pentatonix. “The acoustics in the hall were great, and the song just built and sounded so beautiful,” said Diallo.

The A Cappella group has one concert a year, but also sings at Radford University events such as basketball games, baseball games, and at the Veteran’s Day ceremony. When they perform at those types of events, they usually sing the national anthem in front of at least 500 people. While the group is still fairly new to the Radford campus, they hope to have more performance opportunities within the next year.

If you ever get the opportunity to see them perform, whether it is a sporting event, concert, or holiday affair, you can tell that the Pitches are really passionate about the group and put a lot of time and energy into their overall sound, and try to constantly improve their overall sound and chemistry, on and off stage.


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