The Radford Rowdies

A brand new student organization, the Radford Rowdies, began during the fall semester of 2014 at Radford University as a student-run hype squad in support of Radford’s athletic teams.

The Radford Rowdies was founded by junior Mahdi Torabinejad in the hopes of persuading students to be more school-spirited and support our athletic teams in fun and creative ways. There will be tons of opportunities for Radford students and the community to show off their spirit this upcoming season. “Banners, flags, organized choreographies are all in the works, we’re just now getting started with all that,” Torabinejad said.

Since the Radford Rowdies are a student organization, Radford University students are given the option to run for leadership positions, and can put this organization on a college resume. Freshman Stephanie Seitz decided to join the organization because she enjoys cheering on her school teams. “I have so much school spirit since my high school was really big into sports. It’s awesome that the Radford Rowdies allows me to continue rooting for RU with people who are school spirited too!” Seitz said. The group is currently run by President Torabinejad along with seniors Morgan Sumner and Brad Korer, junior Matt Tabor, and sophomores Dylan Price and Isaiah Trundy.

Joining the club is quick and easy; all RU students have to do is pay a one-time $10 fee and student’s get: free t-shirts, scarves, noisemakers, fan wigs, flags, posters, and so much more. Being a club member also gets your invitations to tailgates for RU Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball and Softball games and first call priority seating in the Rowdies section of the stands. Members also have the ability to take part in pre-game and mid-game fan activities and organized choreographies, as well as the option to be in promotional videos and photos.

The purpose behind why the Radford Rowdies began is to get students excited about our school teams and be there for them while having fun with friends. Radford Rowdies’ Student Board is in charge of what the group does, what games they go to, and when to get rowdy. “We’ll be leading chants, leading the atmosphere, getting under the skin of the opposing team’s players, creating an identity of a Radford sports fan in general, something to join and get behind together,” Torabinejad said.

During the spring semester, the Radford Rowdies had a total of 285 active members on the Radford Rowdies group page on Facebook. The Rowdies are trying to spread the word about this organization to as many students as possible and use social media outlets to their advantage. “Not that many people are aware that we do have a Twitter, and we’re really trying to get more people to know about us and make us well known around campus,” Torabinejad said.

The Rowdies have been advertising and promoting the organization on campus, through RUInvolved, and online. Different types of information graphics are being created and distributed on boards across campus, on Radford’s TV Channel, and on each classes Facebook page. They’re still developing ways that can persuade RU students to join and have fun with others while cheering on our fellow Highlanders.


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