Lauren Miller Profile (from Spring 2015)

As one walks around Radford University’s campus there are many sites they can see. Several buildings, lots of beautiful land, tons of students and faculty enjoying their day, and a bunch of signs all over campus that all seem to have the same phrase, “R-SPaCE presents!” But who’s the brains behind R-SPaCE? Who is in charge of such a big student organization?

Making the trip to R-SPaCE’s office on the second floor of the Hurlburt Student Center, or the “Bonnie”, is quick and easy. You enter the second floor and see students working at computers, and multiple offices where clubs and organizations are located. When you enter R-SPaCE’s office you are greeted by Lauren Miller, President of the Radford Student Programming and Campus Events, commonly known as R-SPaCE.

Raised in Warrenton, Virginia, Miler is a senior at Radford University majoring in business management. She has a cat named Princess, who she adores, and a younger sister named Katie, who is a freshman at James Madison University.

Being the President of R-SPaCE is a lot of responsibility. “I have to run executive board meetings and I’m in charge of all of the directors. I also work on R-SPaCE’s budget and do on end jobs as well,” Miller said. The presidential position is a yearlong job, from Spring to Spring. In order for someone to apply to become president, they would have to already be on the executive board in order to be eligible for the position. Anyone can apply for a job on the executive board as well.

R-SPaCE is in charge of many events and activities that students at Radford can be a part of. Each semester R-SPaCE plans a concert for the students and faculty to see at a very low cost. The organization partakes in surveys that are open to the public and look at the budget that tells them what venues would be possible and fit the budget. They use all of the information at that point to decide which artist to ask to perform at Radford.

Another popular activity that R-SPaCE runs is playing movies in the auditorium in the Bonnie every weekend. Each semester R-SPaCE holds a semester planning party where the Director of Cinema chooses movies he or she believes will be successful. From there the organization conducts surveys and ranks which movies should be played and which ones should not.

Other than being President of R-SPaCE her senior year, Miller has been an active member of R-SPaCE throughout her undergraduate career at Radford University. “I was Vice President my junior year, Director of Performance my sophomore year, and a General Body member my freshmen year,” Miller said.

Besides playing a lively role in R-SPaCE, Miller also enjoys doing other activities. For example, Miller is a member of the Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity at RU. She also enjoys exercising and hanging out with friends, because for her, it helps relieve a lot of stress. “I enjoy hanging out with my friends, going on drives with my friends and rolling the windows down. It’s very relaxing and so much fun to do,” Miller said.

Sophomore Ryan Cronin, Assistant Director of Education and Multicultural Events reflects on Miller’s performance at R-SPaCE and how much of an impact she’s made for everyone at R-SPaCE. “She’s an amazing person and I’m so sad she’s leaving. She always brought a smile to all of the events and meetings. R-SPaCE is going to miss her.”

When asked if she has any mentors who influenced who she is, what she believes in, and what she is committed to in her work and life, Miller thought for a second and then said that person would have to be her best friend, Megan. “She goes to the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. She works her butt off all the time and she’s gone through everything. She inspires me to be my best self and work hard.”

Miller is scheduled to graduate from Radford University this May, and will be moving back home working at her current job as an usher at Jiffy Lube Live. She hopes to be a successful event planner one day, and her experience at R-SPaCE has definitely helped her develop a lot of knowledge on how to successful plan events.

In five years Miller sees herself, “hopefully in the south where it’s nice and warm, with a nice job and to be in a committed relationship.”


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